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My appropriation apology

In 2016, I published a novel entitled A Hole in the Ground. In this novel, I referred to a First Nations people, the Muskawatipaq, as well as their ancestral territory, Petawodimocto. These references were entirely fictional, created for the purposes … Continue reading

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In which I enter a literary contest and don’t expect to win, but still

November There is no way – no way in hell – that a self-published novel, no matter how passable, will win a literary contest. Especially if that novel has a cover that looks like someone left it in a damp … Continue reading

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Mary, Thunder Road, responds

So I’m listening to the radio, some oldies crap that my stupid mother can’t seem to get enough of. Yeah, fine, I’m still living at home. You think it’s easy getting a job with a lousy high school degree? Anyway, … Continue reading

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How to author

Now that I’m a renowned author in my own imagination, I feel I am in a good position (dangling lotus) to dish out advice to writers, along with anyone else who happens to be around me after three whiskeys. Here, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Self-Publishing: Promotion, or No One Cares About Your Damn Book!

An occasional and mostly self-serving record of self-publishing my debut novel, A Hole in the Ground, with possible tips (or warnings) for others thinking of doing the same.  The good news is that it’s never been easier to self-publish. The … Continue reading

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Why book lovers are the best

For the last several months I’ve been enjoying house concerts in Stanstead. I get to go into someone’s living room and listen to performers as they stand in front of me playing intricate arrangements on instruments that I could never … Continue reading

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Why this isn’t funny

This isn’t the post I originally wrote for this week. It was a pretty good one, too. I spent hours writing it, then more time reviewing it. And then I woke up this morning and realized I couldn’t run it. I … Continue reading

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