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How to Talk to People

In these extraordinary times, there’s an almost universal certainty that you have become weary of the phrase “in these extraordinary times.” But as society begins to slowly open up, there is some hope that we may return to ordinary times … Continue reading

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Your COVID Beard Guide

If you’ve been paying any attention to social media, it feels like almost everyone is doing it. It can be a little intimidating, so the first thing I’ll say is don’t feel bad if yours doesn’t look as nice as … Continue reading

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10 Days, 10 Albums

I’ve been nominated by absolutely no one to choose 10 albums that have greatly influenced my taste in music (or just served as a TV-dinner trays). 10 consecutive days – 1 each day. Just post the album cover – no … Continue reading

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Checking in on Covid Cats

As everyone knows, this is the Year of the Cat at Drinking Tips for Teens, and, trust me, the cats are not the least bit pleased about having the spotlight taken away from them by this Covarona nonsense. Do you … Continue reading

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Operation: Toaster

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s a haphazard quality to our home’s interior decor, a sort of “garage-sale chic” without the “chic.” It’s less feng shui than feng shrug; items end up in certain places because, well, that’s where they end … Continue reading

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