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How I killed disco

It is 1978 and I have entered Grade 7 at a regional high school that was famously  built facing backwards, a metaphor for many of the young minds that would pass through its halls. But this story is not about … Continue reading

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Power Wines for 2020

Like your fully functioning liver, the three-martini lunch is a thing of the past. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still ruthlessly administer alcohol to get ahead in business, close a professional deal or generally be a dick. One of … Continue reading

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Cat Splat Fever

When you own multiple cats, even when you are down one cat as we’ve become, it is virtually impossible to determine which one is doing what in the litter box. Short of surveilling the cats’ (shall we say) movements, it’s … Continue reading

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What your sleep position says about you

1. You are generous and fair, with the courage of a lion and the grace of a swan. You are thoughtful, inquisitive and a loving individual. Yet despite all your tremendous qualities, you are haunted by an emptiness because you … Continue reading

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