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The Price of Privacy: Buy Two Privacies, Get One Free!

We talk a lot about Internet privacy and all the personal data that’s floating around out there. It seems these days that, like happiness, privacy is something money can’t by. But what if it could? This piece originally aired on … Continue reading

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Steal this nap

What happened to naps? One minute you’re snoozing at daycare, and the next they’re pumping you full of coffee in grade school. Or least that’s how things worked where I went, at Sacred Palpitating Heart Elementary. Science has demonstrated that … Continue reading

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The bloodletting

My original thought, as I was lying there giving blood, was to title this “Profiles in Courage,” because I was, after all, giving blood, which is a big deal, because I do not like giving blood. There is nothing fun … Continue reading

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Awards aren’t important until you’re up for one

That’s not true. That’s a cynical thing to say. But getting recognized for your work is a delight, no question. “I do it for the art,” sure, but who doesn’t like being validated? Plus, I don’t even need to buy … Continue reading

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Your 2016 challenge of challenges

1. Poke a Hungarian. 2. Learn a new language and then speak it only with people who don’t understand it. 3. Find a receipt, take it to the store, say you lost the item but ask for your money back … Continue reading

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My baby tolerates me

It was not your traditional wedding. It was not the beachfront ceremony we had imagined. The bride wore blue. Her maid of honour was her father. The special guest star was our unborn daughter curled up inside, the size of … Continue reading

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Shopping the laughless blues away

Sometimes you have to know when to give up. I’m a humorist. I used to write serious newspaper editorials, and it still blows my mind how I could churn out clear logic and rhetoric on deadline week after week. And … Continue reading

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